Antiques & Antique Gold; Interiors Wishlist


I’m starting to wonder whether there will ever be a day where I’m completely finished decorating the house and I’m happy that I have created a perfectly harmonious home environment. Right now I fail to see an end in sight and I fear that we will still be trying to attain a beautiful abode 30 years from now.

I guess living in a Pinterest obsessed world gives us very high, unrealistic and unattainable standards. I desperately crave a Pinterest-perfect home with crisp white walls and just the right mix of vintage, contemporary and eclectic furnishings. A dash of hipster mixed with splatterings of mid century Ikea and perfectly positioned mixed metal accessories finished with pretty parquet flooring. One day. One day it will all come together!

This season I’m obsessed with all things antique gold and I’m once again looking for ideas on how to make our home look unique and how to add character and personality.

1. I am a candle addict. I don’t even want to think how much money I have spent on candles this year. I love lighting them in the evening whilst we watch Netflix and I can’t get enough of the old apothecary styles such as this one from Urban Outfitters. I personally adore the typewriter font on the label and the brass screw top.

2 & 3. I’ve never really been that interested in plants until I moved out and bought my own home with my boyfriend. I’m still a bit nervous about it and I can never seem to keep a hanging basket alive for longer than a couple of months. Succulents, however, are amazing because they literally can’t die. Recently I’ve taken to littering them about my home in little ikea ceramic pots and fabric planters. I think these metal guys from Urban Outfitters will make the perfect addition to our living room.

4. These glass hanging photo frames are having a real moment in the blogosphere. I have yet to find the right ones for my home and I’m still not quite sure where I would put them, but I love them so surely I can make room for a few more photo frames! I like this one from H&M as it’s reasonably priced and the cord adds a natural, rustic vibe.

5. Personal development is really at the forefront of my mindset right now. I’m really interested in mindfulness, how to build mental resilience and how to deal with knock backs and difficult people. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been, but I actually feel like I’m more irritable and frustrated than I’ve ever been. Perhaps it’s my perfectionism taking over or my unrealistic expectations of what my life should be like that’s holding back my happiness. I find that surrounding myself with inspiring lifestyle quotes is helping me to relax, clear my mind and help me deal with daily stresses and irritability. I like this H&M cushion quote as it reminds me to let it all wash over me and not let the bitterness seep through.

6. I’m trying to accumulate a few more items to adorn my new industrial shelving in the kitchen and this H&M antique gold lantern is the perfect accompaniment.

7. Last but not least, this antique mid 19th century chair from the Original Sofa Company caught my eye with it’s stylish gentleman’s club aesthetic. I love old furniture pieces and I know that this would look amazing in our bedroom against our pine bed frame and beside cabinets, atop our recently painted white wooden floors. It is a fair bit out of my price range, but for something that’s seeped in history and is truly an antique, I’m sure that it will find a home very soon.

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Spring Lookbook/Outfit Ideas


A quick spring lookbook is now up on my youtube channel! Featuring 4 outfit ideas for the slightly warmer weather. It’s still not bare legged season yet for me, so I’m sticking with my trusty black opaques.

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Outfit 1 –
Primark shirt*
Dunnes skirt*
DKNY handbag
Miss Selfridge ankle boots
Argento necklace
Rayban sunglasses

Outfit 2 –
Urban Outfitters military jacket
River island tee
Primark skirt*
Doc Martens handbag
Rayban sunglasses
Truffle ankle boots

Outfit 3 –
Primark skirt*
ASOS shirt
ASOS handbag
Punky pins necklace
Rayban sunglasses

Outfit 4 –
Primark cami dress*
Primark denim jacket
Primark bag
Quay sunglasses
Argento earrings*
Primark necklace*
*items purchased from Buttercrane shopping centre Newry.

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Spring Skinnies With Matalan #FindYourFit

matalan-jeans,-find-your-fit,-crawfordsburn-park,-outfit-of-the-day matalan-jeans,-find-your-fit,-crawfordsburn-park,-mango-oversized-check-coat

When’s the last time you found the perfect pair of jeans? Have you EVER found a pair that ticked all the boxes?! Fit, style, colour, long wearing, value for money?

We all wear jeans, I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. They go with everything, they can be dressed up or dressed down and they are tough and durable, making them truly the most versatile piece of clothing that you will ever own. However, finding the perfect pair can be like going on a quest for the Holy Grail, painstaking, frustrating and seemingly impossible.

I’ve always found it tricky to get a great pair of jeans because I tend to be very picky, I have high expectations and an odd shape. I have skinny legs and a big bum. It might not look like it in these pictures, but my backside is sizeable. I’m not complaining, I’d rather have that than no bum, but it means that the smaller sizes will fit everywhere else expect my arse. I also have OCD when it comes to comfort. I cannot relax unless I feel completely at ease in my outfit. I detest restricting clothes that dig into my tummy when I’m sitting down or restrict my knees from bending because the material is too tight. Getting the perfect pair of jeans is a tall order when you have so many bugbears.

matalan-jeans,-find-your-fit,-crawfordsburn-park,-primark-grey-shirt matalan-vintage-style-jeans,-find-your-fit,-crawfordsburn-park matalan-jeans,-find-your-fit matalan-jeans,-find-your-fit,-crawfordsburn-park,-nica-handbag

Luckily, I realised a few years ago that the best option was to go for jeggings. They combine all the great qualities of jeans with the comfort of leggings. They have stretch, so they don’t restrict and they still look stylish.

When Matalan got in touch I was delighted to add another pair of supersoft jeggings to my closet. I live in jeans everyday, so I think there’s always room for one more pair. This pair in particular stuck out as they have a slightly distressed vintage style aesthetic. I took them for a test drive at the weekend to Crawfordsburn country park and I have to say that I’ve no complaints. The fit is good, it’s very affordably priced and it looks and feels like a quality pair of jeans/jeggings.

For this outfit I kept it simple opting for my usual uniform of jeans, shirt, ankle boots and oversized coat. It’s my style, it’s what I feel comfortable in and it’s what I’m sticking with.

matalan-jeans,-find-your-fit,-tahari-sunglasses crawfordsburn-park,-bluebells crawfordsburn-park,-trickling-river lighthouse-navigator-parka,-crawfordsburn-park

I wore; Mango checked coat, Matalan supersoft jeggings, Truffle boots, Primark shirt, TK Maxx Tahari sunglasses and Nica handbag.

Dee wore; Lighthouse navigator coat

Happy Friday! xo

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In With The Old, Out With The New

style-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves style-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves,-urban-outfitters-satchel

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of vintage. I used to spend hours scouring the rails at local vintage stores trying to find the perfect retro dress or a funky 70s bag. I also amassed a huge collection of jewellery including lots and lots of granny chic beads and geometric 80s earrings.

Of course over the years, my style has changed and I’ve opted for finer jewellery over large statement beads and I chose to shop the high street more often than scope out old, vintage boutiques or scroll through copious Ebay listings. I just have less free time on my hands than I did then and it’s much more convenient to purchase something new that doesn’t need to be taken in or repaired. However, I still do love finding old gems and treasures and I am starting to filter in more and more vintage pieces to create a more unique and individual wardrobe.

When Style by Portobello got in touch, I was delighted and really excited to receive one of their style boxes featuring two lovely vintage scarves. At £15, it’s not cheap, but considering that it’s from the one of the most popular and largest vintage markets in Europe, I still think it’s good value. You are getting something truly unique and versatile as scarves can be styled in a number of different ways, changing up a look simply and easily. It’s the only subscription service sourcing products from Portobello market and for £35 a month, you can get a piece of jewellery, bag, belt and scarf, all picked based on they style info you provide. I think that’s rather a good little bargain.

style-by-portabello,-outfit-of-the-day,-fashion-blog-irelandstyle-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves,-new-look-striped-shirt,-urban-outfitters-military-style-jacketstyle-by-portabello,-outfit-of-the-day,-northern-ireland-fashion-blog style-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves,-northern-ireland-blogger style-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves,-outfit-of-the-day

Outfit: Urban Outfitters bag, Urban Outfitters jacket, Aldo brogues, Miss Selfridge jeans, New Look shirt, Style by Portobello scarf

In this outfit of the day post, I chose to style mine with my favourite vintage inspired satchel from Urban Outfitters. I love the colour and the paisley print and I think it provides a nice little touch to my outfit. I know that I am playing it quite safe, but these days I do just prefer to opt for an effortless, laid back style. I feel most comfortable and confident in skinny jeans and a shirt, so why not style my new scarf in a similar, relaxed fashion?

style-by-portabello,-northern-ireland-fashion-blog style-by-portabello,-fashion-blog-ireland

Today’s backdrop features a little old building just at the end of road from my mum and dad’s house in Moira, Northern Ireland. For years there used to be a red door with a lock, preventing you from gaining entry into this old, quaint building. Of course, as a child my imagination ran wild wondering what was behind the door. Now, as an adult, it’s a little less illusive and exciting to find that the floor is actually laden with straw, old farming sacks and bits of rubbish.

Ah to go back to the days when your biggest concern and curiosity in life was to find out what was behind an old weathered red door….

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