Embrace your quirks

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Recently I’ve had this growing girl crush on, and maybe slightly obsessive online stalking of,  Lily Collins. You know Phil Collins daughter the one who starred in Mirror Mirror, soon to star in this summer’s teen fantasy blockbuster Mortal Instruments: city of bones? No doubt Lily and her on screen and off screen beau Jamie Campbell Bower will become the new Kristen and Robert and Hollywood’s latest silver screen darlings.

She appeared on People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People and rightly so, as she is absolutely stunning. Like a modern day audrey hepburn! I especially love the latest photoshoot she did with Bergdorf Goodman. Her hair was styled perfectly and her bright pop of red lipstick really set off the outfit.

lily collins, embrace your quirks, bergdorf goodman

But what I really love is that she seems like a down to earth girl who’s working hard to carve out a successful career for herself, ‘my name opens doors but I have to keep them open’. She’s not letting her name be the only thing that gets her ahead in life. She even started blogging for teen magazines when she was just 16 which I think is pretty impressive and shows real drive.

In the people magazine  photoshoot she chose to go without make up quoting that her mother taught her that she should embrace her quirks and that it’s your inner beauty that matters. I wholeheartedly believe this and I think it’s something that every girl should embrace. I love fashion and beauty because its artistic and its all about expressing who you are.

That’s not to say that I don’t have a constant struggle with my looks! I can have very dark days where I really don’t like my nose, my hair, my skin, everything. But what I’ve learnt is that no-one can make you feel ugly, if the people closest to you are putting you down for your appearance then you just have to ignore them or remove yourself from the situation.

Like Lily Collins, I have my quirks. My nose is my most prominent feature (its pretty big with a bump in the middle) and my skin is deathly pale with red blotches, but it’s my nose and it’s my skin. Plus, if the love of my life thinks I’m alright then that’s ok by me. 🙂

me and my bf


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