Bulldog Skincare; Man’s Best Friend? We Think So


For a long time, men’s skincare has been somewhat of a taboo subject with most men using soap and water and nothing more for the fear of looking ‘feminine’. I believe that we are gradually moving away from that perspective; that it’s more acceptable for men to take pride in their appearance, especially when it comes to looking after their skin. For women, there are copious amounts of beauty products on the market. For example, when you peruse the aisles at Boots, the men’s section takes up a very small space whilst the women’s selection takes up half the store! The options for men are limited, but there does seem to be a growing demand for good quality skincare that deals with oiliness, acne and anti-aging.

Step in, Bulldog Skincare for Men. My boyfriend has suffered from problem skin for many years, having tried out a number of products to prevent spots and clear his skin. Some of us will be more genetically prone to getting spots, so for Dee, its likely that he will always get them, no matter what products he tries out. However, whatever items that will help with his breakouts and calm his redness will ultimately ensure that he feels more confident about his appearance.

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After being sent several Bulldog skincare products, Dee tested them for a number of weeks before sharing his thoughts on their effectiveness.

Topping his list of favourites was the eye roll-on, which incorporates essential oils to revitalise the skin under your eyes, lessen the appearance of dark circles and help you look and feel more awake. Dee would suffer from dark circles and heavy bags under his eyes, so this was the perfect product for him.

“The eye roll on was the best product by far. It does what it says on the tin. After a week of call outs at all hours of the day, it helped me look more awake and removed my dark circles. Definitely one for late nights and early mornings!”

The aftershave balm was also another winner, helping to improve the appearance of his skin after a beard trim and shave. Normally Dee would get a breakout after he shaves, but the balm helped to prevent that and soothed any redness.

Finally, the facial wash was also another great product that Dee favoured for its ability to thoroughly cleanse his skin. Dee would tend to have quite oily skin and after a day of work, where he frequently touches his face and transfers germs and dirt, he really needs to give his skin a good clean to prevent breakouts. Using the facial wash day and night really helped to improve his skin further and keep it clean and clear.

Seeing as the Bulldog brand tagline is ‘Man’s best friend’, I thought it would be a good time to introduce our new best friend and family member, Abby the beagle cross! She’s over 12 weeks now and we’ve just started taking her out for walks to calm her down and help her sleep better. Abby has a lot of energy to kill and is constantly wrecking the house, nibbling anything that she can get her paws on. More photos and videos of Abby to come soon.

Happy Monday! xo

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