What I’ll Be Getting Up To This Valentine’s Day & Gift Inspiration


Valentine’s day is always a little more special to me because it’s the day that my boyfriend and I celebrate our anniversary. This year we will be toasting to 8 years together and to commemorate the occasion we will be visiting one of our favourite restaurants, The Old Schoolhouse Inn, in comber. Owned by Will Brown, who featured on the Great British Menu, it caters for those who want a fine dining experience with amazing food that tastes every bit as good as it looks. It is quite literally art in a plate.

Seeing as Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, we will be spending Saturday at the Old Schoolhouse Inn and then we will most likely enjoy a leisurely Valentine’s in our pjs watching movies. Sunday mornings are for rest and relaxation in the Henderson/Riddell household (well as much as I can physically relax seeing as I’m one of those can’t be sitting still people).

This year, I will be donning my Ted Baker maroon dressing gown and taking my time eating a bit of brekkie and having a cup of tea, whilst watching Sunday Brunch. I can honestly say that if heaven were a garment, it would be this robe. It feels a-mazing, very luxurious and a lovely rich colour. It also comes with a hood!

debenhams-valentines-day,-ted-baker-dressing-gown,-gifts-for-her debenhams-valentines-day,-ted-baker-dressing-gown,-gift-inspiration debenhams-valentines-day-inspiration,-ted-baker-maroon-dressing-gown,-fashion-blogger-ireland debenhams-valentines-day-inspiration,-ted-baker-dressing-gown,-fashion-blogger-ukriri-perfume-by-rihanna,-debenhams-valentines-day-inspiration debenhams-valentines-day-inspiration,-riri-perfume-by-rihanna

Even if I’m lazing about all day without the intention of ever leaving the house, I will still spritz on a bit of perfume just to make myself feel a little more ‘put together’. I am a big fan of feminine, sweet and fruity scents. Although I do like a nice floral fragrance, I’m an absolute sucker for a strong sweet smell.

I’m not exactly Rihanna’s number one fan, but, I was pleasantly surprised to find that her fragrance, RiRi actually smells pretty darn good. It’s a very girly, sweet fragrance, that has a distinct citrus smell. In fact, when I checked the ingredients I noticed that it featured Limonella, hence the citrus notes.

To me, it’s more of a spring/summer scent, so if you are planning on giving the woman in your life something special for Valentine’s Day, I think it would be the perfect fragrance, just in time for the new season. I would be careful when it comes to picking out fragrances. Although I like this perfume, I don’t think I would be too happy if my boyfriend got me it. Not that I’m being snobby, but sometimes celebrity perfumes can look a little tacky. Choose carefully.

debenhams-valentines-day,-ashley-at-home-teatowels,-heart-print-towels debenhams-valentines-day,-ashley-at-home-teatowels debenhams-valentines-day,-ashley-at-home-salt-and-pepper-pots

Of course, where would a sunday morning be without eggs and toast soldiers?! Well for us it’s a weekend staple. I love a soft boiled egg with a little seasoning and soldiers spread with a thick layer of butter. These At home with Ashley Thomas teatowels and salt and pepper pots from Debenhams will come in handy for any Valentine’s Day kitchen tasks.

debenhams valentines day gift inspiration, ferrero rocherdebenhams-valentines-day,-ashley-at-home-storage-jar

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a box of Ferrero Rocher. I will be displaying mine in this cute storage jar from At home with Ashley Thomas, perfect for nighttime munching in front of the fire watching a classic romcom.

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? xo

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