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2015 was quite an expensive year and not to mention eventful. We knocked down walls in our kitchen and dining room to create an open plan space, we sanded and painted our upstairs flooring, we lost one pet but added two more to our family and we also had an amazing 2 week trip to Australia and Hong Kong. I think it’s safe to say that this year we won’t be planning any major trips abroad, in an effort to reign in our expenditure and start adding to our savings again.

Whilst we don’t intend to do any big renovations this year, we are looking to make a few changes in our house, once again, to help bring us closer to that enigma of a ‘dream home’. Our kitchen is still not what I would call finished as there are a few aesthetic additions that we need to make including curtains, blinds and shelving. In my opinion, it’s those little details that help bring in character and will ultimately, make a house a home.

In fact, I’m always on the look out for little bits and pieces that will add personality to our home. It’s our sanctuary, it should remind us of the good times, it should inspire creativity and it should be somewhere where we can relax, entertain guests and create memories. We spend a lot of our lives in our homes, so it makes sense to me to invest in it and to build something that represents who we are. Presently, I’m very aware that we haven’t been successful in injecting a lot of our personality into our home. Whilst we do love our house, there are lot of niggling issues. If we had an endless pot of cash we could achieve everything we wanted in a short space of time, but we just don’t have that luxury.

redecorating-your-kitchen,-tkmaxx-oriental-style-plates steel-magnolias-console-table,-interiors-blogger-uk

At the moment, our kitchen is severely lacking in character as we literally did not have the extra cash to add the finishing touches. As soon as we got paid after Christmas, I purchased this industrial style console table that I had my eye on for quite some time. I had originally seen it on fellow NI blogger The Magpie Girl’s blog and I knew that it would sit perfectly in our new kitchen. It only cost £80 and was really easy to assemble. I implore you to check out Steel Magnolias where you will be able to shop this beauty as well as some other raw and rustic pieces.

tk-maxx-oriental-style-plates,-interiors-blogger-uk tk-maxx-oriental-style-crockery tk-maxx-blue-retro-style-plates retro-style-teapots,-decorating-your-kitchen retro-cups-and-saucers,-steel-magnolias-console-table,-industrial-style-furniture

To decorate the table, I’ve added a few retro cups and saucers, as well as a collection of teapots that my nanny gave me. In the summer last year, I bought a few blue oriental style plates from TK Maxx to place above the table and to add a bit of colour.

harry-corry-grey-pendant-ligthshades,-redecorating-your-kitchen harry-corry-grey-pendant-lightshades,-revamping-your-kitchen

When we were designing how the kitchen would look, I knew that I wanted plenty of light. The new space presented a great opportunity to have lots of spotlight fittings as well as being able to incorporate 3 pendant lights above our dining table. Coincidentally, at the time of completing our kitchen, Harry Corry kindly sent me 3 grey industrial style pendant lampshades. I think they blend in perfectly with the colour scheme of our kitchen and work really well with our dining table and chairs.

home-interiors-blog,-iconic-lights-antique-brass-florr-lamp home-interiors-blogger-uk,-iconic-lights-antique-brass-floor-lamp

Our living room is still a work in progress, but I hope that this year we can manage to add a new wooden floor (preferably parquet design) to improve the overall look. The carpet looks quite mangey and has burn marks in it from lighting the fire on cold, winter evenings.

Until we can fork out the money to do that, we have to make do by adding in little touches. This antique brass floor lamp from Iconic lights is perfect for the far corner as it brings light to that side of the room and also fits in well with our vintage/contemporary mish mash of a scheme.

harry-corry-15-tog,-primark-tartan-bed-covers,-interiors-blog harry-corry-15-tog,-primark-bed-covers,-interiors-blogger-uk

Recently the evenings and mornings have been exceptionally nippy. This 15″ tog duvet from Harry Corry has been great for keeping the cold out, but not so good when it comes to having to get out of bed in the mornings!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xo

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