Springtime Wanders Through The Green Isle


As I write this, I am reminded that all good things must come to an end. The Easter holidays have been and gone and it’s now back to porridge! The holidays actually crept up on me this year, with things being pretty hectic, it was a welcome relief to realise that we had a couple of days off.

Normally myself and my boyfriend just potter around the house, getting chores done and fixing odds and ends. We don’t make much of an effort and actually plan our days off. This time, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out and about. There’s nothing quite like a few sunny days to lift the spirits and pull yourself away from the TV and mobile phone.

I’m really proud to say that the Lighthouse brand launch that I’ve been working on for the past few months has finally arrived with our new site www.lighthouseclothing.co.uk now up and running. It’s a nautical inspired brand with stylish, functional pieces (waterproof & breathable) for everyday wear to keep you protected against the unpredictable, British and Irish weather.

I might be biased, but I think it’s a really lovely collection with lots of bold colours, nautical details and contemporary designs. I wouldn’t be an overly ‘colourful’ person when it comes to my wardrobe, as I tend to stick to quite muted colours. However, seeing as the new season is here, I decided to go for a bright, fresh green shade to add to my jacket/coat repertoire.

lighthouse-clothing,-bluejay,-waterproof-rain-jacket,-northern-ireland lighthouse-clothing,-nautical-waterproof-rain-jacket,-millisle,-fashion-blog-ireland lighthouse-clothing,-nautical-waterproof-rain-jacket,-millisle-NI lighthouse-clothing,-nautical-waterproof-rain-jacket,-millisle-beach,-fashion-blogger-uk lighthouse-clothing,-nautical-waterproof-rain-jacket,-green-summer-jacket,-fashion-blog-belfastlighthouse-clothing,-bluejay,-waterproof-rain-jacket,-nautical,-breton-top

I styled my bluejay jacket in seagrass with a breton top, jeans and boots for a casual coastal trip to Millisle. Luckily it didn’t rain, but it’s windproof capabilities made sure that I wasn’t feeling too cold or windswept. I personally love the little details like the ‘live simple, live happy’ tag along the zip line. I think it’s those little touches that spark joy and lift your mood, making you feel happy and confident and ready for whatever the day may throw at you.


Easter monday was spent taking a trip up to Ballycastle, another beautiful coastal spot, strolling along the beach and then tucking into a picnic courtesy of Marks & Spencer (it cost us £20, but hey we were on our holidays!)

This was the first outing for Dee’s new Navigator parka coat and I have to say, I think he wears it well. It’s the perfect length, with a nice cotton lining and nautical style drawcords at the neck and back. To be honest, if it came in a smaller size, I think I would steal it and wear it myself.

lighthouse,-mens-nautical-parka-coat,-fashion-blog-irelandlighthouse,-mens-nautical-parka-coat,-ballycastle-coast,-mens-fashion-bloglighthouse,-ballycastle-beach,-northern-ireland-2 lighthouse,-ballycastle-beach,-northern-ireland-coast lighthouse,-ballycastle-beach,-northern-ireland

It was such a nice way to spend the day, getting outdoors and spending a bit of quality time together. I don’t think we appreciate our country enough. Northern Ireland really is quite beautiful when you take the time to explore the coastline, countryside and history.

I’m off to plan my next staycation holiday. Happy hump day. xo

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    The style with the breath of sea.

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