In With The Old, Out With The New

style-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves style-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves,-urban-outfitters-satchel

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of vintage. I used to spend hours scouring the rails at local vintage stores trying to find the perfect retro dress or a funky 70s bag. I also amassed a huge collection of jewellery including lots and lots of granny chic beads and geometric 80s earrings.

Of course over the years, my style has changed and I’ve opted for finer jewellery over large statement beads and I chose to shop the high street more often than scope out old, vintage boutiques or scroll through copious Ebay listings. I just have less free time on my hands than I did then and it’s much more convenient to purchase something new that doesn’t need to be taken in or repaired. However, I still do love finding old gems and treasures and I am starting to filter in more and more vintage pieces to create a more unique and individual wardrobe.

When Style by Portobello got in touch, I was delighted and really excited to receive one of their style boxes featuring two lovely vintage scarves. At £15, it’s not cheap, but considering that it’s from the one of the most popular and largest vintage markets in Europe, I still think it’s good value. You are getting something truly unique and versatile as scarves can be styled in a number of different ways, changing up a look simply and easily. It’s the only subscription service sourcing products from Portobello market and for £35 a month, you can get a piece of jewellery, bag, belt and scarf, all picked based on they style info you provide. I think that’s rather a good little bargain.

style-by-portabello,-outfit-of-the-day,-fashion-blog-irelandstyle-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves,-new-look-striped-shirt,-urban-outfitters-military-style-jacketstyle-by-portabello,-outfit-of-the-day,-northern-ireland-fashion-blog style-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves,-northern-ireland-blogger style-by-portabello,-vintage-scarves,-outfit-of-the-day

Outfit: Urban Outfitters bag, Urban Outfitters jacket, Aldo brogues, Miss Selfridge jeans, New Look shirt, Style by Portobello scarf

In this outfit of the day post, I chose to style mine with my favourite vintage inspired satchel from Urban Outfitters. I love the colour and the paisley print and I think it provides a nice little touch to my outfit. I know that I am playing it quite safe, but these days I do just prefer to opt for an effortless, laid back style. I feel most comfortable and confident in skinny jeans and a shirt, so why not style my new scarf in a similar, relaxed fashion?

style-by-portabello,-northern-ireland-fashion-blog style-by-portabello,-fashion-blog-ireland

Today’s backdrop features a little old building just at the end of road from my mum and dad’s house in Moira, Northern Ireland. For years there used to be a red door with a lock, preventing you from gaining entry into this old, quaint building. Of course, as a child my imagination ran wild wondering what was behind the door. Now, as an adult, it’s a little less illusive and exciting to find that the floor is actually laden with straw, old farming sacks and bits of rubbish.

Ah to go back to the days when your biggest concern and curiosity in life was to find out what was behind an old weathered red door….

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