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I’m starting to wonder whether there will ever be a day where I’m completely finished decorating the house and I’m happy that I have created a perfectly harmonious home environment. Right now I fail to see an end in sight and I fear that we will still be trying to attain a beautiful abode 30 years from now.

I guess living in a Pinterest obsessed world gives us very high, unrealistic and unattainable standards. I desperately crave a Pinterest-perfect home with crisp white walls and just the right mix of vintage, contemporary and eclectic furnishings. A dash of hipster mixed with splatterings of mid century Ikea and perfectly positioned mixed metal accessories finished with pretty parquet flooring. One day. One day it will all come together!

This season I’m obsessed with all things antique gold and I’m once again looking for ideas on how to make our home look unique and how to add character and personality.

1. I am a candle addict. I don’t even want to think how much money I have spent on candles this year. I love lighting them in the evening whilst we watch Netflix and I can’t get enough of the old apothecary styles such as this one from Urban Outfitters. I personally adore the typewriter font on the label and the brass screw top.

2 & 3. I’ve never really been that interested in plants until I moved out and bought my own home with my boyfriend. I’m still a bit nervous about it and I can never seem to keep a hanging basket alive for longer than a couple of months. Succulents, however, are amazing because they literally can’t die. Recently I’ve taken to littering them about my home in little ikea ceramic pots and fabric planters. I think these metal guys from Urban Outfitters will make the perfect addition to our living room.

4. These glass hanging photo frames are having a real moment in the blogosphere. I have yet to find the right ones for my home and I’m still not quite sure where I would put them, but I love them so surely I can make room for a few more photo frames! I like this one from H&M as it’s reasonably priced and the cord adds a natural, rustic vibe.

5. Personal development is really at the forefront of my mindset right now. I’m really interested in mindfulness, how to build mental resilience and how to deal with knock backs and difficult people. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been, but I actually feel like I’m more irritable and frustrated than I’ve ever been. Perhaps it’s my perfectionism taking over or my unrealistic expectations of what my life should be like that’s holding back my happiness. I find that surrounding myself with inspiring lifestyle quotes is helping me to relax, clear my mind and help me deal with daily stresses and irritability. I like this H&M cushion quote as it reminds me to let it all wash over me and not let the bitterness seep through.

6. I’m trying to accumulate a few more items to adorn my new industrial shelving in the kitchen and this H&M antique gold lantern is the perfect accompaniment.

7. Last but not least, this antique mid 19th century chair from the Original Sofa Company caught my eye with it’s stylish gentleman’s club aesthetic. I love old furniture pieces and I know that this would look amazing in our bedroom against our pine bed frame and beside cabinets, atop our recently painted white wooden floors. It is a fair bit out of my price range, but for something that’s seeped in history and is truly an antique, I’m sure that it will find a home very soon.

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