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January is a loonnnggg month. The weather is murky, misty, drizzly and mizzly and it’s playing havoc with my mood and motivation.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to ‘be more positive’ and have a sunnier disposition, but it’s hard to achieve that when you’re getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark with a lot of cloud coverage in between. You forget how important the sunlight is for improving your mood, wellbeing and drive. I don’t mind the cold, but when it’s just murky and slightly ‘meh’ you can’t help but feel a tad miserable.

Considering that today is blue monday, I’m making a conscious effort to dig myself out of a slump and hopefully brighten up your day a little by sharing some pretty beauty treats, courtesy of Cohorted Beauty.

A monthly subscription service, Cohorted Beauty offer a black box of beauty delights costing £35 per month. It’s more expensive than other subscription services, but I’ve never seen one so beautifully wrapped nor one that contains such amazing luxurious products. Smith & Cult nail polish will set you back about £19, a Nars eyeshadow palette will retail at over £20 and an Artis style makeup brush isn’t exactly dirt cheap (if you want a decent one). Considering that I got all of the afore mentioned items plus a couple of Lancome creams and an anti-frizz hair product, I’d say that’s good value. I especially love the little detail on the mirror of the eyeshadow palette, a quote from Andy Warhol saying ‘all is pretty’.

I think beauty subscription boxes are a great way of trying out new products that you otherwise may never come across or even consider buying. It’s also nice knowing that you will receive a beautiful parcel every month filled with pretty beauty gifts. That will certainly help to cope with bad/depressing/miserable days!

I hope this helps make your blue monday a little less blue! Have a lovely week. xo


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