I Couldn’t Help But Wonder…


I think there is a little Carrie Bradshaw in all of us. That voice that ponders and questions life, work, relationships and friendships. In fact, it’s her overthinking and overanalysing that I identify the most with.

I often find myself drained of energy from a constant stream of second guessing, doubting and deliberating. I worry incessantly, I never seem to live in the present and I’m always trying to plan my next move. Whilst Carrie stressed about her romances, I stress about everything else. My relationship is the one solid constant that I know I can always depend on. It’s the one reassurance that I have in this world, for as long as the both of us exist. Unfortunately it’s all the other stuff that clogs up my brain and degrades my happiness.

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Instead, I worry that I’ll never be successful enough or that I’ll not fulfil my dreams. I worry about what others¬†think of me or that my friendships will disappear. I worry that I’ll never be truly happy.

It has been said that ‘nothing good ever comes of worrying’. Worrying leads to stress, anxiety and an inability to enjoy the present moment. When I find it all getting a bit too much, I try my hardest to smother that internal voice and bring myself back into reality. It’s the simple things in life that can be the most precious, like spending time with friends, watching a youtube tutorial or two, binging on Netflix or dining out with my beau.

This shoot took place just outside the Old Schoolhouse Inn in Comber, one of our favourite culinary retreats. It’s those memories that stay with me, good food, good wine and good company. ¬†Xo


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