Embracing The Spirit Of Summer With Marks & Spencer


British and Irish summertime can be hugely unpredictable. Bright sunny spells frequently interspersed with dreary, overcast and drizzly days. One can never dress for all seasons, but on the odd occasion when the clouds part and little rays of sunshine peek through, I can happily pull out floaty tops, heeled sandals, oversized shades and cute, colourful handbags. At least for an hour or two anyway.

marks-and-spencer-outfit,-spirit-of-summer marks-and-spencer-boho-blouse marks-and-spencer-mustard-cross-body-bag marks-and-spencer-summertime-outfit-of-the-daymarks-and-spencer-mustard-twist-lock-bag,-tortoiseshell-circular-sunglassesmarks-and-spencer-embroidered-blouse

Outfit; Embroidered blouse, red heeled sandals, mustard cross body bag, tortoiseshell frame round sunglasses

Marks and Spencer is literally a shopping¬†landmark and you certainly don’t get to the grand old age of 133 without knowing a thing or two about high street fashion. A household name and a brand celebrated for it’s quality and affordability, I was delighted to be a part of their ‘Spirit of Summer’ style campaign.

I perused the rails of my local store in Sprucefield on the hunt for a summer inspired outfit that would be comfortable for daytime wear, but also stylishly designed with a pop of colour. I came away with a stunning boho chic blouse, ruby red sandals, perfectly shaped sunglasses and a super cute handbag. I took a stroll with my boyfriend in a local park at the weekend, providing the perfect opportunity to show off my new purchases and take a few snaps in the sun.

I always expected the quality to be high, but I didn’t expect the prices to be so reasonable. I would definitely encourage you to nip into your local Marks & Sparks and check out the new collection. They’ve really upped their game in the style stakes. Xo


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