My Heart Is All A Flutter With Eylure False Lashes

eyelure-enchanted-prince-lashes eyelure-enchanted-prince-lashes-2

False lashes have the power to change up your look in the most dramatic way. They are the finishing touch to any makeup creation, they help to frame the face, draw attention to the eyes and ultimately, they can make the wearer feel that little bit more confident, beautiful and special.

Although I have quite long eyelashes, I do love adding a pair of fake eyelashes for a night out, as they enhance my eyes and make me feel ultra feminine. Quick history lesson on the origin of false lashes, did you know that falsies were invented back in 1911?! They were popular for stars of the stage and screen in the 20s, before reaching flamboyant status in the 60s with ‘it girl’ and top model, Twiggy wearing super long lashes on both the upper and lower lash line. Lashes are still a big deal now, with many different varieties out there, from full on glam to natural, daily wear options.

Eylure have always been a favourite brand of mine for finding fluttering falsies that look glamorous and feel very lightweight, so I popped over to my local Boots store to test out 3 new sets, beginning with their Enchanted range.

The Eylure ‘after dark’ wispy edition, featured above, is definitely a new fave of mine.  I think they have a very sexy, alluring appeal that’s perfect for creating that ‘come hither’ look. They have a featherlight feel with the lashes arranged in little V shapes, lengthening from the inner corners to the outer corners.

eyelure-exaggerate-lashes eyelure-exaggerate-lashes-3 eyelure-exaggerate-lashes-2

Although I do love to try out different lash options, to see what looks I can create, I always seem to default to wispies for a touch of evening glamour. The Eylure Exaggerate set are perfect for lengthening and adding serious volume.

eyelure-enchanted-lashes-beauty eyelure-enchanted-lashes-beauty-3 eyelure-enchanted-lashes-beauty-2

The last lash set is probably my least favourite as it adds much more of a subtle effect, rather than show stopping lashes. The Eylure Enchanted, ‘I need my beauty sleep’, lash set is beautifully crafted with a pretty fairytale style, which does lengthen, but doesn’t quite match the volume as seen in the first two sets. Nevertheless, they are still stunning and feel extremely light to wear.

In regards to applying false eyelashes, I am by no means an expert and there are often times where I have to peel them off and start all over again! I think the key is not to panic too much, it’s not the end of the world if they aren’t perfect. I personally find that duo glue is the best to use, which I leave for about 45 seconds to go tacky before applying. I would trim each lash to fit my own eye shape, apply the glue and then hold them as close to my lash line as possible using tweezers to press each end down and adjust, so it feels comfortable. It’s always worth investing in good quality eyelashes as cheaper lashes can look and feel heavy and unnatural.

This is a sponsored post by Eylure, but all thoughts and words are my own. Xo